Fuel Discounts & Love's Bundle Advantage

Love’s Financial customers can take advantage of discounts on fuel, including at least 16 cents off per gallon with Love’s Express Billing Program. These discounts are a part of Love’s bundle of innovative products and services customers have come to expect all in one stop. Our core value of focusing on customers in everything we do and listening to their needs is not a new concept at Love’s – it has guided our success since the company’s beginnings in 1964. Our people are committed to providing Love’s brand of customer service with “clean places, friendly faces” in each location across the country, every day.


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Eliminate the hassle of using cash or personal credit cards for fueling needs. The Love’s Express Billing Program is available for any size of fleet and simplifies the purchasing and reconciliation process.

QuikQ FUel Payment Solutions


With SmartQ RFID from QuikQ, drivers can fuel without a card while verifying that your truck is actually at the fuel pump.

Don't go too hungry

Fuel Up With Food And Drink Options

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find something your taste buds will enjoy. We serve freshly made hot and ready items and a fresh menu for those looking for healthier options.

Our Values

Expanding Highway Hospitality

Love’s is more than a truck stop and a place to fill up on fuel. From dog parks to Amazon Lockers, we are focused on growing our brand of highway hospitality.

*Save at least 16 cents per gallon for new qualified customers.
*Freightliner ExpressPoint available at participating Love’s Truck Care and Speedco locations.
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Let our freight factoring specialists show you why Love’s is “The Better Way to Factor.”  We offer both non-recourse and recourse options for individual invoices up to large receivable portfolios.